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  • June 30, 2022 at 12:00 PM
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  • July 1, 2022 at 12:00 PM
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<br>5 Passenger Car
$69.99 per day
$450.99 per week

If you are looking for cars that seat 5 adults comfortably, please call us now to find out more about our best deal on five-passenger car rental. 

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<br>5 Passenger Toyota Corolla
$59.99 per day
$399.99 per week

Full-Size Car Rental in Los Angeles. Toyota Corolla from LAX Car Rental brings a luxurious ride for groups of five.

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12 Pass Transit
$229.99 per day
$1,499.99 per week
12 Passenger Nissan
$229.99 per day
$1,499.99 per week

Space for the crew, cargo, and everything in between with 12 Passenger Nissan

12 Passenger Van
$179.99 per day
$1,299.99 per week

12 Passenger vans are perfect for transporting large groups around the city or on a long road trip. Enjoy the suitability of a large van for your next trip. Compare our van pricing and availability by starting a reservation today.

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15 Passenger Transit
$249.99 per day
$1,549.99 per week

Whether you are in Los Angels transporting an entire basketball team, hauling around ..

15 Passenger Van
$199.99 per day
$1,349.99 per week

Are you going on a squad road trip? Need a vehicle to get around Los Angeles with a large family or group? A full-size, 15 passenger van is the most suitable choice and an excellent alternative to renting multiple SUVs or a bus.

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7 Passenger Mini van
$109.99 per day
$799.99 per week

A minivan rental is pleasant for long family trips and family vacations with room for seven individuals. Whether you are looking for a rental for days or weeks, start your reservation now and compare our best pricing and availability.

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8 Passenger Mini van
$129.99 per day
$829.99 per week
$179.99 per day
$1,299.99 per week
<br>Mid Size SUV
$75.99 per day
$499.99 per week

You’ll love the luxurious interior of LAX Mid-size SUV. Enjoy excellent fuel economy for an SUV, plus navigation and ready for any road and weather. 

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15 Passenger Midroof
$279.99 per day
$1,699.99 per week

Best transit van from the ground up as a passenger van, ranking drivability and passenger luxury.